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H2-WOAH, I Might Be Dehydrated!

H2-WOAH, I Might Be Dehydrated!

Hydration impacts your overall health. Follow along for some hydration tips and ideas for the hot summer days ahead!

By 2020-06-08

It’s time to face the facts, our bodies are constantly losing water. Odds are, we lose more in a day then we put back in. If water isn’t replaced, you become dehydrated. When too much water is lost from the body, our organs, cells, and tissues fail to function – yikes!

Signs that you are dehydrated:

1. You’re urinating less often, or urinating a darker color

2. Your heart is racing

3. You feel lightheaded or dizzy

4. You have a headache that won’t go away

5. You feel fatigued

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar? The scary truth is that you know that up to 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. But, never fear! We can change this.

Time to Educate & Hydrate!

Step one, drink more water. This might seem like an obvious solution, however, it is a great reminder, especially when we are always on the run! Adding water into your daily routine and habits can decrease dehydration and rid of some of the symptoms listed above.

Here Are A Few Tips:

Keep a bottle of water with you during the day. Reusable water bottles are easy to refill and also save money. Plus, it’s better for the environment! Check out our refillable water station at Playmakers.

If you have trouble remembering to drink water, start a schedule. Starting and ending your day with water is a must, but challenging yourself to drink a glass of water each hour or every two can go a long way in curing dehydration. Not to mention, this is also a great excuse for a quick break during the day.

Drinking water before, during, and after exercise is vital. There are endless choices of sports drinks and hydration supplements on the market for athletes to stay hydrated and fueled. Many of which are jam-packed with electrolytes (good) and sadly, sugar & chemicals (bad). So how do you pick the hydration supplement that’s right for you?

Our hydration specialist at Playmakers, Danny, is here to provide more information on thirst-quenching products:


Nuun Sport – tablet form that dissolves in water. 10 tablets per tube with 1g of sugar. Sport and Vitamins Caffeine is from Organic Green Tea Extract.

Skratch Labs Hydration – Created to replace exactly what you lose, without anything extra. Made with less sugar, more sodium, and only real fruit for flavor, it absorbs faster than water alone, and won’t offend your palate or your gut. When it comes to getting your hydration right, this is as simple as it gets. And as usual, simple is good.

Trailwind – Complete fuel, hydration, and electrolytes. You get everything you need in hydration form. No need to take gels, chews, etc.

UCAN Hydrate – high-quality, naturally sweetened electrolyte replacement with no sugar, zero calories, and 5 essential electrolytes to replace the nutrients lost in sweat.

I bet you are craving an ice-cold glass of water now. Hopefully, you are reminded to take a big guzzle of water and stay on top of your hydration! H20 questions? Ask Danny!

Looking for a fun way to stay hydrated this summer?

Our friends at Nuun created some delicious “Nuun-tails” to add a little flair to your sunny days!

1. Nuunmosa


2. The Mellön


3. Cherry Limeade Slushy


4. Nuunarita Snow Cone


#5. Rum and (Cherry) Coke


H2-WOAH, I Might Be Dehydrated!
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